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GPS/GLONASS - tracking

You always know where your car is

Tracking, routes

It’s hard to imagine the modern life without GPS navigation. Lots of devices help us determine exact coordinates of our location, such as: navigators of different range of functionality, most of smartphones etc. many of them are capable to record a route that has been passed, called “track”, and the work with them is called “GPS tracking”

Probative base

If the tracker is capable not only to register coordinates, time and speed, but also to transmit all the recorded data for external storage and individual access, the device owner also receives a probative base that can be used in his own interest in possible traffic accidents as well as the means of distant monitoring of either own car dislocation or dislocation of the cars while they are in the security patch, for example the cars that belong to a family members or colleagues

Complex solution

Implementation of these features is possible by means of various supplementary equipment units installed in a car, however, up to date the only device existing in the car alarms market that combines both the most advanced GPS- tracking and a remote monitoring of a car’s engineering units as well as situation in a passenger compartment is the Pandora telemetry system - the system that obtains unbeaten security & antitheft properties and the means of a driver’s private safety in the form of alarm button

Pandora 5000 tracking

Reliable instruments

Thanks to GPS/GLONASS receiver of the latest generation and the feature of a smart tacking car dislocation monitoring), the info about a current location of a car and its traverse speed is always available to you.In case of an unauthorized evacuation or transfer of control to someone else, you will always have on your hands the instruments of reliable distant monitoring of a car dislocation and its engine locking. At any point you may get a detailed report on the car mileage, float, average & maximal traverse speed with the tracks displayed in the map in any convenient for you pictorial view. Even though you are on another continent!