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  • Dual-band GSM communication 900/1800MHz
  • GPRS not less than 6 Class
  • UGPS receiver as a unit of the system (included) with power consumption less than 30mWt
  • Standard mini-USB port (HID) for the base unit updates & setting
  • Consumption less than 30mA (9-18V) in security mode with GSM-modem enabled
  • Reliable commands recognition by a programmatic DTMF decoder
  • Intelligent voice interface in voice communication mode
  • Highly sensitive compact microphone as a unit of the system (included)
  • Base unit dimension (102х80х16mm) makes possible the system to be installed to the most up-to-date cars
  • Wireless 2,4GHz control by hidden relays of engine locking (relay is included to the set)
  • Integrated data-flow (up to 1MB/s) CAN-driver (supports over 300 car models)
  • Automatic events memory (free web storage of infinite events quantity)
  • Automatic buffer write of motion tracks - 2,5-3 thousand km (free web storage)
  • Access to web browsers etc. (IE, Chrome, Opera, Mozilla, Safari...) and special free apps for mobiles platforms (iOS: iPhone, iPad. Android OS: smartphones & pads)
  • 3 years of unconditional guarantee

Remote control unit with LCD

The system contains a usable 5-buttons remote control unit with LCD. This remote unit makes possible to control over all modes of the Pandora 5000 telemetry system, to control the status, to send urgent GSM-notifications (SOS – “alarm radio button”, that provides the owner with personal safety), to look through the events history, to control over supplementary devices (eg. Webasto), to adjust sensitivity of integrated and external sensors

Remote unit gives you a possibility to control over the engine start-up, to adjust the parameters of automatic start: time, period, temperatures of engine start and stall

  • Dialogue RFM communication range between the remote unit and car is over 350 m within a city limits and over 1500 m in suburbs
  • transmitting power of RFM tract is not less than 50mWt
  • Receive sensitivity of RFM radio tract is not worse than 121 dB
  • Transmission speed of RFM radio tract is 2400-9600bps
  • 112-segment LCD with additional digital indicator and mnemonic scale, separate icon of control over a prestart engine heating, displaying of 16 discrete independent guard areas
  • Upper cover of remote unit
  • PCBA of remote unit
  • Bottom cover of remote unit
  • Battery ААА (MN2400)
  • Cover of battery compartment
  • LED communication status indicator
  • LED indicator of guard areas triggering
  • System control buttons
    • Alarm system enabling
    • Alarm system disabling
    • Functional button / trunk unlock
  • SOS button of emergency GSM notifications messaging
  • CHECK button of car current status verification and entering a brief events history
  • Spiral antenna of multichannel RFM - radio tract 433,9-434MHz
  • 112-segmental LCD
  • Damper of indicator which increases its dust & moisture resistance

Base (main) unit

The dimension (102х80х16 mm) and assembly design of the base unit make possible to easy allocate the system even in the smallest hollows of passenger compartment without any damage to the elements of car passive safety and its ventilation system

The “Heart” of the system is a 32-bites ARM microcontroller by STMicroelectronics of its STM32 103 line that operates on a changeable clock frequency of 8 to 72MHz

Peripheral subsystems are constructed at their best in order to provide safety and energy efficiency of the entire system

Today the quantity of unique CAN-protocols uploaded to the system exceeds the figure of 500 for over than 300 car models manufactured within the period of 1996-2012, including all new car models of 2011-2012 that exist in the Russian car market. Over 50 models are supported in a stream mode that makes possible to receive an expanded info from the bus and to control over an extended set of commands applicable for the most sophisticated and new autos

The in-built interface of 2,4GHz provides a wireless connection with RF-module of the system, radio relay of hidden locking and with other peripheral and service devices

The in-built mini-USB interface connectable to any PC is recognized as a HID-device and serves to simplify the setting & adjustment of the system during connection to various cars as well as for the software updating

Pandora DXL 5OOO system contains a new GSM/GPRS modem by Telit (Italy) with expanded operating-temperature range and unsurpassed stability of GSM connection

High-performance switch-mode power supply supports all modes of the system work – from short-term consumption peak during setting a GSM or GPRS connection and to micro Ampere Sleep-modes with coefficient of transformation efficiency of over 90%

CAN-interface integrated to the system differs from its analogues by its possibility to work with huge dataflow of the last & most sophisticated cars, supporting up to several thousand addresses simultaneously at the speed of a digital bus of up to 1Mb/s. That is, none of a series- produced car in the world has any restrictions in the work with a digital bus

  • Upper cover of base unit
  • PCBA of base unit
  • Bottom cover of base unit
  • Covers of connectors
  • Cover of SIM-holder
  • Central processor (CPU)
  • GSM-modem 900/1800 MHz
  • Voltage pulse transducer
  • 3-coordinates integral accelerometer
  • mini USB-port
  • VALET button
  • Status LED-indicator
  • Connectors

RF module

  • Wireless transmission of a signal to the base unit (frequency of 2,4 GHz)
  • Multichannel interference-tolerant radio tract (433,9-434 MHz)
  • Transceiver Si 4432 (Rx: -121db, Tx: 20dbm)
  • Operates with individual units of remote control
  • Hands Free control mode
  • 2 antirobbery algorithms
  • Operates with additional redio-controlled locking relays (up to 3 relays)
  • Built-in light and sonic signalling devices

  1. Buttons cluster of RF-module (silicone)
  2. Upper cover of RF module
  3. PCBA of RF module
  4. Bottom cover of RF-module
  5. Programming knob of RF module
  6. Driver call button
  1. Status LED-indicator
  2. Sonic signalling device
  3. Pulse converter
  4. Transformer antenna 2,4 GHz
  5. Spiral antenna 433,9-434 MHz

Supplementary remote unit

  • Multichannel interference-tolerant radio tract (433,9-434 MHz)
  • Transceiver Si 4432 (Rx: -121db, Tx: 11 dbm)
  • Dichromatic LED-indicator
  • Multifunctional control buttons
  • Ergonomical design
  • Compact size 62х11х31 mm
  • High-quality plastic housing
  • Operating range up to 50 m
  • One battery operated. Lifetime up to 24 months
  1. Upper cover of remote unit
  2. PCBA of remote unit
  3. Bottom cover of remote unit
  4. Cover of battery compartment
  5. Battery CR 2024
  6. Communication LED-indicators
  7. Control buttons
    • Alarm system enabling
    • Alarm system disabling
    • Trunk unlock