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Telemetry of Pandora


Telematics and telemetry

Just like all terms having a Greek root “tele”, these both directions imply the remote operations with some object. The difference is that the definition of “telemetry”, being less fuzzy, became a part of everyday life and found its place in our language much earlier, along with the launch of the first ballistic missiles.

Telematics is a science while telemetry is the practice

Telemetry in its restricted sense means a remote acquisition of information about an object, and to its wide extent – control over an object by means of data reception & analysis and transmission of the control commands back to an object.

The term of “telematics” is rather applicable to the science, particularly to its direction that researches the processes of data interexchange by means of communications. Also relatively associative in the same range look the terms such as, for example, “mathematics” or “Kinematics”. Nevertheless the word “telematics” is being more & more frequently used by the manufacturers of equipment that on consumer level uses the communication with distant objects, in cases when the functions composition doesn’t allow to refer to the system as to a fully-fledged telemetric one, but it is necessary to apply some scientific tingle to the commodities for the sake of marketing purposes.

Which tasks telematics is able to solve?

Certainly, the knowledge domain related to telematics broadens constantly and the whole systems based on telematic data flows are being established, such as the systems of logistics optimization on the basis of GPS/GLONASS monitoring. But the implementation range and possibilities of such solutions is huge.

What telemetry is capable for?

A full-fledged telemetry system should correspond to at least two criteria: to be able to timely register the whole data flow which can be released by all sensors of the controlled device, and to possess a maximal commands set which could be accepted and processed by all controlled elements of the system.

Telemetry of Pandora 5000

Telemetric features of the car alarm system Pandora 5000 can be used as an example of a full-blown R&D of domestic engineering that has absorbed scientific & design traditions carefully treasured and kept in Kaluga – the city that has been specializing in the defense instrument and mechanical industry for so many years.