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Uncompromising protection - Extra protection

  • Individual encryption keys
  • Dialogue commands encryption
  • Multichannel radio tract

Constant control

Thanks to a constant control over 16 autonomous guard areas your car is in perfect security

Integrated sensors are implemented of the basis of a digital accelerometer and obtain the adaptive algorithms that exclude false triggering

In security mode the system controls:

- Perimeter of all car doors (discretely)
- Hood limit switch
- Trunk limit switch
- Brake pedal
- Lever brake position
- Ignition
- Integrated shock-sensor; precautionary area
      - Integrated shock-sensor; alarm area
- Integrated tilt sensor
- Integrated motion sensor
- Accumulator voltage
- Supplementary sensor; precautionary area
- Supplementary sensor; alarm area

In remote unit
In web application

весь индикатор

Remote's LCD

1. RFM-interface (availability of remote unit communication with the car)
2. RFM-signal receive level (remote - car connection)
3. Hands Free mode
4. Immobilizer
5. Security mode status
6. Automatic security enabling
7. Accumulator voltage, guard area "Voltage fallout"
8. Mnemonic progress-bar, indicates elapsing time periods, used along with a supplementary digital indicator. Used in automatic system enabling, engine warming, adjustment of sensors sensitivity
9. Digital indicator. Displaying of real time, voltage, temperatures
10. Celsius degrees, used to display temperatures and in setting-up of starting-up preheater & automatic engine start by temperature, in setting-up of engine stoppage conditions
11. Alarm clock
12. Supplementary digital indicator. Used in automatic system enabling, in engine warming-up, in sensors sensitivity addjustment, in events history displaying
13. GPS-receiver
14. GSM-receiver
      15. "Tracking" feature
16. Text notifications (SMS to the owner)
17. Voice calls (calls to the owner's phone)
18. Guard area "Trunk"
19. Guard area "Supplementary sensor"
20. Guard area "Shock sensor"
21. Guard area "Doors"
22. Remote unit's battery charge level
23. Guard area "Tilt sensor"
24. Light indication (by the turn lights etc.)
25. Ignition, guard area "Ignition"
26. Handbreak indicator, guard area "Break pedal"
27. Guard area "Motion sensor"
28. Starting preheater
29. Engine work icon
30. Timer channels
31. Icon of automatic engine start-up. It shines if the automatic engine start-up is allowed by the system settings
32. System settings
33. Silent system work mode
34. Maintenance mode
35. Silent work mode of remote unit ("MUTE")