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Voice interface

Current status • Control • Settings

Call your car

Pandora 5000 will tell you everything that had happened with a car and everything about its current status: about security mode, temperature in the passenger compartment, accumulator voltage, guard areas disturbance, current status of engine and its automatic start settings

Sonic example

Emergency & service notifications

Pandora 5000 will call you in case of disturbance of any of the 16 car guard areas

Also, the system is able to notify you about any events including the service ones (security mode activation/disabling, engine start/stall, low voltage of accumulator, lack of communication with radio relay, GSM-connection recovery etc.)

Sonic example

Passenger compartment tapping

With Pandora 5000 you can tap the passenger compartment of your car. The system is equipped with an extremely sensitive microphone, compact in size and intended for a concealed installation. Just call your car and check out what’s going on in the passenger compartment

Control by means of a phone

With a smart voice interface Pandora you get an access to over than 20 intuitive, catchy commands of the system’s main features and modes control:

  • Control over the security mode
  • Control over the Active Protection mode
  • Engine locking
  • Start/stall of the engine
  • Control over the starting preheater
  • Passenger compartment tapping
  • Access to the events history
  • Control over the timer channels
  • Request of the current coordinates, personal account balance

Parameters setting

Setup of the basic modes & features of Pandora 5000 accessible from a cell phone:

  • Voice and text notifications setting
  • Phone numbers setting
  • Sensors sensitivity adjustment
  • Set-up of the engine automatic start