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New features? Nothing to worry about!

Set all parameters & algorithms up, update the system software by means of PC

The Pandora systems are equipped with a mini-USB port built into the base unit

The Pandora 5000 system setting is performed by means of PC

A special software Pandora DXL Loader is used for the work with the system

Update the system software from the company’s official website, get new features. Increase the service & security functional of the system installed to your car

Are you a professional?

If you’re a professional installer of the Pandora systems you may take an advantage of using the settings profiles storage, data base of the cars which you’ve already equipped with the system

Is the base unit safely concealed?

Reserve a possibility to update the software and to set the system parameters up

Each set of Pandora 5000 is provided with a mini-USB extender

The system kitting