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System setup

System setup is pleasurable

Pandora 5000 is the most flexible system

Even though the Pandora 5000 system contains over 500 adjustable parameters it is still the most easy and setup friendly system

Thanks to use of up-to-date interface solutions, smart algorithms of optimal parameters choice and a thorough selection of only the most necessary in practice parameters, we can declare with confidence that at present Pandora 5000 is the easiest and setup friendly alarm system

Pandora operates the way you want it to

The system’s flexibility will satisfy both the most exigent car owner and the professional in antitheft security. Any security complex for any modern car can be developed on the platform of Pandora 5000. Pandora 5000 is capable for more than you may expect from it

Set Pandora up via Internet

Control the system activity

The network activity and the assets account disbursement of the SIM-card installed to the base unit of Pandora 5000 are always under your control

Only those notifications that you really need

Pandora 5000 is able to notify you about any event happening to your car, in these notifications choose only those events that you really need to know about

Where to send a notification?

Get notifications the way convenient to you

You've changed your smartphone? Deactivate PUSH-notifications

On-line control over the quard areas

Does the false sensors’ triggering happen? Easily and promptly adjust sensitivity of all guard areas of the sensors without the entire system disabling

Any algorithm of engine start just by several clicks

Pandora 5000 comprises a record-breaking functional of automatic engine start-up. The control of this functional is extremely accessible and clear

At any point just by a few clicks you may setup the most sophisticated algorithms of engine start, to schedule such algorithm for a month ahead , or just in one click to disable all automatic engine starts

2 starts per each DOW

Get the engine started only when it is really cold

Got a starting preheater? Control it using Pandora 5000

Try the advantages of Pandora 5000 web service - www.p-on.ru