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Your car and smartphone is an integration Special applications of your car control and managing
Uncompromising protection Your car can be driven by you only!
You private safety The alarm radio button - the satellite systems service - as a package unit. Automatic notifications in emergency cases
You always know where your car is GPS/GLONASS tracking - You know everything about your car displacement
Control the safety from every corner of the globe Control and setting of the system parameters available via the Internet. The events history accessible from any web-connected device, from any web-browser
Smooth integration to a car regular harness Passenger compartment won't be damaged!
Communicate with your car Call your car, switch on a microphone in the passenger compartment, request the current coordinates, start the engine up. Listen to the info about its status, alarm & service events
The engine smart start
will keep the warmth
Drive on,
the car is already warmed-up
regardless of weather
The car security telemetry system Pandora 5000 raises the bar of car security & service to a brand new level. Thanks to the telemetry system Pandora you obtain an access to dozens of exclusive security and service features. Your car acquires an unprecedented system of security and service, unavailable even with the Luxury-class autos. Fine & perfect technical solutions, applied to Pandora 5000, unique ergonomic algorithms of interaction with the system make possible to endow your car with a fantastic intuitive intelligible and needed functional. Operate, control and monitor your car just by several touches of the screen!

You’re absolutely secure when your car is under protection of a telemetry system Pandora DXL 5000
Exclusive advantages of a telemetry system Pandora 5000 will make your car inaccessible for violators and will take care of your personal safety.
What is telemetry and telematics?

You have nothing to fear with Pandora 5000!

Pandora 5000 will not only protect your car but will also secure your personal safety as well

The alarm button SOS and the system of automatic notifications will rescue you in any situation

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Active security

Constant control over GSM connection, GPS signal and coordinates

An effective guard against GSM and GPS signal silencers. Pandora web service constantly controls your car

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Uncompromising protection

A car equipped with Pandora 5000 system can be driven by you only!

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Communicate with your car

Access to the system from wherever a mobile communication is available

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Be in the groove!

Comprehensive infinite events history with telemetry and coordinates available online

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GPS/GLONASS - tracking

You know everything about your car displacement

You have access to detailed info about the traffic routs, average and maximal speed, the distance covered by a car

Share the routes with your friends

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Total protection and control

Constant control over 16 autonomous guard areas.
Your car is in perfect security

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Will start-up any car

Engine start according to calendar, time, temperature of engine or cabin, accumulator voltage, periodically

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Fully charged

Thanks to power-efficient algorithms of Pandora system, the accumulator of your car will always be charged

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Your smartphone and your car is an integration

To control, monitor, operation and system parameters set-up you may always use a free application

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As a regular equipment

Integration of the system with a digital CAN bus of a car. A complete compatibility with regular electrical equipment

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Unproblematic updates

Set up and adjust parameters and algorithms, update the system software via your PC

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The less wires you have the more security you gain

Communication between the functional modules of the system is carried out by radio 2,4GHz with AES–encryption

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 Made in Russia, made for Russia

The Pandora system is completely developed and manufactured at the Experimental Instrument-Engineering Factory, Kaluga, Russian Federation

Russia, Kaluga

Check out how the telemetry system Pandora is produced