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Web service www.p-on.ru

Control the safety from any spot on the globe

Infinite history

One of the most important services provided by Pandora 5000 is a comprehensive events history with complete telemetric info, coordinates, precise time synchronized with the data received from GPS/GLONASS satellites

Web service

Thanks to the web service www.p-on.ru available absolutely for free you get a possibility to view an infinite history of events happened to your car. This history will provide you with a comprehensive info regarding what has been happening to the system since the moment of its release from conveyor of the Experimental Instrument-Engineering Factory, Kaluga, Russia

Over 100 types of events

Pandora DXL 5000 distinguishes between over than 100 types of events:

  • change of security modes
  • events of automatic engine start activation and disabling
  • change of settings and, certainly, almost any external action

Up-to-date information

Each even is stored with indication of its real time and date. Besides, you’re always aware of where each event took place – web service www.p-on.ru not only indicates the event’s coordinates, but also shows a specific geographical location using the mapping provided by Google Maps, Yandex Maps, OpenStreetMap… subject to your choice

In-depth info

The event itself reveals a comprehensive info about a car status: whether the doors, hood, trunk are locked or unlocked, airborne voltage level, temperature of engine, passenger compartment and environment, fuel level, system settings status and even a current speed of a carBesides, by means of smart filters system you choose only those events that represent an interest for you, e.g. the events of system arming / disabling, alarm and traffic accident, service ones or the events related to the work of the engine

Info preservation

If necessary the events history for a certain period of time can be transferred to pdf format and a local copy can be either stored in your PC or shared with your friends by means of a direct safe link to the event