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Will start-up any car

Pandora will keep the warmth of your car

Smart start

Pandora DXL 5000 provides you with a possibility to use an unprecedented flexible and incredibly easy-to-use system of automatic engine start

With the help of mobile application or a web service p-on.ru you can easily set up & adjust the automatic start as per your personal desire

Will start up according to schedule

Pandora DXL 5000 gives you a possibility to start the engine according to a schedule. To program the automatic start it is enough to choose the day of week and to set a desirable time of engine start-up. All in all there are 14 automatic calendar starts available (2 per each day of week)

In addition, you can set a daily start according to the time schedule regardless of DOW or periodically (snooze mode)

Will start-up according to temperature

Automatic start-up according to the temperature of engine or passenger compartment won’t let you and your car get frozen in wintertime, will save time for engine heating before the drive. In summertime it will let you cool the passenger compartment which may got hot in the sun

Will take care of the engine

Pandora 5000 is not only your own comfort, it is also the care of your car

During automatic engine start the system controls the level of fuel in the tank and will refuse to start the engine up if the fuel’s not enough

Automatic engine start according to the voltage won’t let the car accumulator get discharged during a continuous motionless state even though if you will forget to switch off the lights or will leave electronic devices switched on. You will get an SMS notifying you about accumulator discharge

Operates with all starting preheaters

Pandora DXL 5000 is able to control starting preheaters in completely automatic mode either separately, or along with the engine start-up system, by a command from a phone or remote unit, what makes sense especially for modern cars with high-performance engines, which are insufficiently heated during an idle run