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Uncompromising protection - Cryptographic security

  • Individual encryption keys
  • Dialogue commands encryption
  • Multichannel radio tract

Individual encryption keys

Pandora 5000 provides you with a supreme level of resistance to all methods of electronic trespassing The system radio channel is secured by a proprietary product – a dialogue radio exchange “remote unit – system” with international data encryption algorithms (IDEA) AES and individual, changeable encryption keys of not less than 128 bit. To change an individual encryption key you just have to re-program the remote units to the system. At this the encryption key will be changed to a new one, generated at random

Constant control

The system envisages a constant control over RFM-communication channel (connection between a remote unit and the system). In case the communication fails the main remote with LCD will release a notification by means of sonic and LED indicators. Type of notification is customizable

Also, the system contemplates a permanent control over the car coordinates and cell operator’s signal availability – “Active Protection” mode

Learn more about "Active protection" mode

Multichannel radio tract

Thanks to an application of a multichannel radio tract in Pandora 5000 system the noise stability of communication between remote unit and a car has been sufficiently increased. The owners of Pandora 5000 have no problems with control and receive of notifications sent to a remote unit even at a huge parking located close to big marts

Dialogue radio exchange

Dialogue radio exchange makes it possible to sufficiently increase the system immunity to electronic trespassing of any kind as well as to completely eliminate a possibility of control commands substitution

In response to any remote’s command the system sends back a request encoded by a individual dynamic encryption key (AES 128), the reply to which should be generated and sent by remote unit within a limited (several milliseconds) period. In case the system fails to receive a response the command is not executed