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Uncompromising protection - Extra protection

  • Individual encryption keys
  • Dialogue commands encryption
  • Multichannel radio tract

The less harness you have the more comfort & service you gain

Communication between the functional modules of the system is performed over the radio channel of 2,4GHz using AES – encryption. This allows to sufficiently increase the system installation secrecy and to increase your car’s antitheft resistance. Also it simplifies the process of the system installation

Additional security boundary

The system envisages an additional security boundary – an in-built transponder immobilizer with active radio tracers of 2,4 GHz which are also protected by our proprietary dialogue radio exchange with individual encryption keys

You’re safely secured from the robbery – just leave your car in a danger case. The engine will be locked in 1 minute. The robbers will just fall between two stools!

You can drive your car in Hands Free mode without affecting the antitheft properties of the car

Radio-controlled locking relays

The Pandora 5000 system contains a radio-controlled relay of a distant locking equipped with an integrated accelerometer IS-122 (up to 3 pcs. max). Engine locking is performed only at the takeoff thus increasing antitheft resistance and not affecting operation of the systems of automatic and remote engine start-up. Relay is compact in size and is installed secretly