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Uncompromising protection - Active security

  • Individual encryption keys
  • Dialogue commands encryption
  • Multichannel radio tract

Active security is a new level of security

This is an exclusive free option of the telemetry car alarm system Pandora 5000, which will provide you with more confidence in security of your car

Upon enabling of the function “Active Protection” the constant real-time control over your vehicle is performed by our web servers. Thus, even though the intruders will take attempt to use special devices for GSM or GPS silencing, you will be promptly notified by a message from our web service to your cell phone

Active protection is an effective countermeasure against GSM-signal silencers

Once the active protection of a car is activated the web service starts to constantly control the availability of GSM-connection with the system and, in case it fails, the car owner will be immediately notified about such an event. The communication channels of web service cannot be muted by a regular “silencer”!

Active security is an effective means of timely notification of a car owner about his vehicle’s dislocation

Even though the intruders will succeed to lock the notification channels (RFM-433.92MHz and GSM) and will undertake to drag a car, the vehicle owner will be promptly notified by our web service about the car dislocation

Active protection mode activation

By means of remote unit
By means of a phone
by means of
remote unit
The car
is under guard
the button
once again
Get a notification about the active protection mode activation The car
is under active security

Once the system is disarmed the Active Protection mode is disabled automatically